Exhaust Bypass Valve (EBV)

Ideal for off-road and race applications this valve is controlled by the boost signal using a Garrett wastegate actuator.

Made from aluminum, stainless steel, and high-temp bronze you get a light weight corrosion resistant product that will perform for years.

The valve has a 3" inside diameter and a 3.75" outside diameter. It is sold with one steel v-flange so it can be integrated into your current exhaust system and can be purchased with or without an actuator.

Sold by competitors as an exhaust cutout (an electric version) and the virtual exhaust system (also boost activiated), the EBV has:

  • CNC machined, aluminum valve body
  • Precision machined butterfly for gasketless seal
  • High temp bushings for the butterfly shaft
  • 3" SS V-band clamp
  • 3" weld on V-band end
  • Actuator (optional)