Anti-reversion Carb Spacers

With most high performance engines (using large overlap cams) the intake valve is not closed as the piston begins to travel upwards. This causes some of the air fuel mixture to backup into the intake manifold causing a reduction in vacuum. This leads to weak carburetor signal and a loss of horsepower.

This spacer combination is designed to help alleviate that problem. By not allowing the air fuel mixture to backup into the carburetor you increase air fuel mixture quality, as well as, air fuel consumption. These two attributes lead to increased horsepower and throttle response.

The spacers are CNC machined from 6061T-6 aluminum. The top plate is high, while the bottom spacer is 1 thick.

With this spacer look for:
  • Increased Horsepower Over the Entire RPM Range
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Stronger Carburetor Signal

The Track Results are In for the Anti-Reversion Carb Spacer!

Runs were made at Douglas Speedway in Wyoming. The only change made to the car was the addition of the anti-reversion spacer. The two fastest runs from both before and after were chosen. Check out the time slips below!